Psychologie Magazine

A brand new digital strategy

Digital Strategy for Psychologie Magazine

Psychologie Magazine is a monthly magazine that provides readers better understanding of themselves and others. What really distinguishes Psychologie Magazine, for example, is the reliability of the information.

The editors staff consists almost entirely of psychologists. Journalists who know how the world of research works so and will check and doublecheck their content before publishing it. And readers, according to research, appreciate this type of quality. Psychology Magazine remains an excellent glossy magazine, not a scientific journal.

But on the digital side of things, Psychologie Magazine needed help. What are the opportunities at hand for a big and acknowledged brand? What do we need to get, and stay ahead of the pack? Which direction do we need to go in terms of keeping our strong position as a brand but also be bold, not scared to innovate and reinvent ourselves.

The answers to al these questions were written down in a strategic document that is being implemented over time. Starting with a new website that will be ready this year. But also the long term goals and business models to grow towards.

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