A selection of work by Matthijs Schippers

What: Biggest Dutch marketplace where freelance professionals and businesses are being matched.
Work: Digital strategy, visual design, user experience & -interface design of far over 200 screens. redesign website - chat functionaliteit - Bedrijfspagina


What: Dutch startup LemonForce who’s application is disruptively changing the way the business looks towards system integration software.
Work: WHY-finder, Digital- and marketing strategy, visual design, concept design & user interface design of far over 100 screens.

Lemon Force Studio

Fit for the Floor

What: Dutch startup Fit for the Floor who’s aim is to help new moms get fit in a (medically) responsible way after they’ve given birth to their child.
Work: Digital strategy, corporate identity, visual design, development, concept design & user interface design of the Learning Management System web app.

Fit for the Floor
Fit for the Floor LMS
Fit for the Floor pricing

Recruiter Awards 2018

What: Dutch award show to honour the best recruiters of the country.
Work: corporate identity, promotional material and art direction.


Trade Your Trip

What: Dutch startup that is building a market place where people kan resell their holiday trip, or by one last minute at low rates.
Work: concept & design of a selection of website pages and features, created icon sets and improved user interaction and persuasion.

Trade Your Trip design interaction
Trade Your Trip interaction visual design
Trade Your Trip design

Best Kept Secret / Indian Summer

What: Dutch/Danish startup that produced mobile applications for multiple label A music festivals in the Netherlands.
Work: Digital strategy, concept & idea, visual- & user interface design for all screens.

The Inclusion Partners

What: Dutch group of coaches and consultants working on inclusion and diversity for A-level multinational businesses.
Work: corporate identity, website, and the design of the inclusion model.

The inclusion model 2018

Concept for VOLVO

What: phone & tablet app for the introduction of the new XC90.
Work: concept visual- and interface design of all the screens.

Canal Boating Company

What: mobile scheduling app to accompany tourist in Amsterdam.
Work: concept & design for all screens.


What: NOVALAB is a habitat in the making where brands, concepts & startups will be able to work, meet and play.
Work: created the corporate identity and the website.



What: Dutch startup IN.credible in renewable energy that are taking the world by storm. No pun intended.
Work: corporate identity, user interaction & -interface design and website development.


Webcare Dashboard

What:  concept for webcare service for a big Dutch airliner.
Work: concept & design of all screens.


What: high end sample sale company.
Work: created the corporate identity, user interface and development of the website.

Extreem Beleggen

What: book on the most extreme sandwich toppings.
Work: author, concepted & designed the book, created the website.

KAMRAN International

What: a high end international executive search firm.
Work: created the corporate identity and the website.


Work on Progress

What: an international coachings-firm that is specialised in sustainable management.
Work: created the corporate identity and the website.


Plus Magazine

What: tablet design for the biggest magazine for senior citizens.
Work: concepted & designed all screens.